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School Uniform

  • Students are required to come to school in proper school uniform on all working days.
  • Students from KG1 to Grade 5 are permitted to wear colour dress on their birthdays.
  • Students should be neatly dressed at all times.
  • PE uniforms should be worn only on the day students have their Physical Education period.
  • Expensive watches, smart watches, jewellery, friendship bands and other accessories are not allowed.
  • No make-up, jewellery and body adornments must be worn. Only small ear studs are permitted. Colouring the hair is strictly prohibited.
  • Office bearers must wear their respective badges daily.
  • Girls with long hair should plait their hair and those with short hair should tie it neatly with black hair bands, both inside the campus as well as when they go out to represent the school. Boys should trim their hair regularly.
  • Girls who wear scarfs must wear white scarves with regular school uniform and black scarves with P.E uniform.
  • White plain stockings can be used for girls only if necessary with white uniform.
  • During winters it is strictly advised that the students wear the pull over provided by the school. Green woolen caps can be worn during winter. No other colour will be permitted along with the school uniform.

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