“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.”




The kindergarten and primary students are involved in an array of activities scheduled weekly to boost their skills, self esteem and holistic development.


The students from Grade 5 and above can be a member of any of the given clubs as per their interest. This will allow the students to enhance their interest and skills.
  • ART

The main aim of Art Club is to refine the sense of appreciation of the beauty of nature through the basic elements of art. The club encourages the students who have unique ideas and powerful imaginations to work through their artistic expression on their own terms, without any objectives and boundaries.


Music Club promotes the highest levels of human aspiration and artistic integrity through the composition, documentation, and performance of music. It provides students ample opportunities for cultural and aesthetic experiences through active participation in music, enhances their understanding and appreciation of the arts, and fosters interaction between music and the liberal arts.


The Club’s mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor- based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self- confidence, communication, and leadership.

  • MUN

The Model United Nations provides an excellent platform for the students to research geo-political scenarios in different parts of the world and to participate in international dialogue and deliberation. Through the MUN Club, we will be aiming to help students work towards personality development and compliment their classroom learning by grooming them on how to deliver what they have learnt in the classroom through speech and group discussions.  


Theatre and Drama Club provides a platform for the budding actors to unleash their dramatic skills. The club engages the students in creative expressions, mini- plays, and improves their communication skills in English, through the use of role-play, script-writing, and improvisation.


The ultimate aim of the Club is to encourage the students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts. Quizophile club helps the information to retain in the brain, keeping students’ minds sharp and improving their long-term memory.


The main objective of Cyber Club is to create a recreational and consolidating opportunity for students to learn modern technology and make the students aware of the uses of information technology with a view to better prepare him/her to handle information enabled devices.


Heritage club hopes to create awareness and a sense of belonging among students and inculcate in the young mind a feeling for heritage. It enables the students to take pride in India’s and UAE’s cultural identity, which in turn will give an exciting dimension to learning.


The Club is dedicated to conserving the natural resources and the natural environment to create an eco-friendly environment and create awareness of biodiversity conservation and local environmental issues among children and to create a clean and green consciousness among students through various innovative methods.


The media is the most powerful entity on Earth. The media club is designed to inform, educate and entertain with exciting activities, research, interviewing and writing skills that last a lifetime. It allows students to gain good experiences and enjoy fully, as well as support their passion for the different areas of media.


The Math Club is a largely informal club dedicated to improving students’ understanding of mathematics and how it impacts their lives. The club inculcates math explorations and problem sets that can be enjoyed by the students of all skill levels.


The Club organizes educational and Islamic activities every week which enable the students to increase their knowledge of Islam and practice their religion. The students are encouraged to learn the holy verses from the Holy Quran and Duas for different occasions.


We focus on the fundamentals of Karate emphasizing on building confidence, respect, discipline, self-defense, balance and coordination in a very fun yet challenging way.


The objective of the Readers Club is to create an opportunity for students to become enthusiastic and enthralled with the wonderful world of literature. The Readers Club shall enable the participants to increase their exposure to the native English language thereby giving them a first class opportunity to improve their standard of  listening, reading and speaking.



In our efforts to bridge the gap between the local and global, DPS Ajman strives to connect and network with others Emirates of the UAE, Gulf countries of the world through online programmes, online video interactions and emails. Students will also travel to the neighbouring Emirates/ countries on exchange programmes.


The students have the opportunity to see new things and learn about them in a more funfilled way. They will have the opportunity to determine what they learn and how they learn it. Students will experience a more holistic, integrated picture of the information that, in the classroom, may have only been presented in a textual and abstract way.


The prefectorial board comprises students from different grades who are appointed after a comprehensive selection process. The selected students are appointed as Presidents, Ambassadors, House Captains, Vice Captains and Club Secretaries.


A house system is mandatory for students of all grades. Students are divided into four houses namely Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz. A number of inter-house competitions are organized during the session for students to exhibit and execute their talents.


Green Ambassadors aim to develop environmental awareness among students and community members. Green Ambassadors are equipped with the strategies to be leaders for change.


Love Ambassadors believe that giving is an opportunity to express their love. They bring unconditional love to the family, friends, community and schoolmates. They also promote a culture of giving, caring and sharing.


Happiness Ambassadors believe in spreading happiness and providing opportunities to cherish with a positive spirit. They are able to be kinder, more patient, more joyful, more loving and therefore positively build up a friendly atmosphere towards others and themselves.


Drop Everything and Read activity is conducted periodically, to develop a passion for reading and enhance the reading skills among the students.

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