“As students you can also think and contribute for the preservation of our surroundings and environment making our everyday life happier.”

Dr. P. A. Ibrahim Haji

Chairman, PACE Group

School Infrastructure

Robotics Lab​

We have set up a state - of – the - art Robotic Lab at Delhi Private School, Ajman.

This initiative is aimed at educating our students with the latest upgradations in modern technology. It aims to create a world where young people are encouraged to celebrate the fun and excitement of science and technology, to equip them with the basics of industry oriented technology skills and inspire them to become responsible innovative leaders of tomorrow.

Interactive Smart Classes

The school provides 100% smart classes which makes teaching learning more interactive with the effective use of technology.​


A colourful vibrant kindergarten is our pride. Adorable tiny tots, stories and nursery rhymes turn this part of the school into a wonderland. Hands-on activities and thematic painting make the learning process a joyful experience.


The school gives importance to inculcate healthy reading habits among the children. School provides a vast and enriched library with a wide range of books. The library has been set up with a perfect ambience and with a well-chosen popular collection of books for reference and recreation.


Well-equipped science labs provide a hands-on experiential learning opportunity for students to understand different scientific theories and concepts better and to enable them to develop a temperament of scientific inquiry.


A well-equipped computer lab with latest software applications ideally provides a learning space for digital natives of the fourth industrial age.


Our Learning Resource Centre reflects our school’s vision of establishing a quality-learning environment as we wish to be recognized as a school that provides knowledge and skills relevant to a constantly changing world. With effective use of ICT to develop students reading skills, our Resource Centre has a unique setup that also encourages social interaction. Our goals are to enhance the school curriculum with additional multi-disciplinary resources.


The school has a state of art multipurpose hall and an auditorium for conducting assemblies, exhibitions, activities, indoor sports etc.


The school has spacious outdoor and indoor playgrounds. All sports facilities are equipped to develop the skills of our students and provide them with specialized coaching. Our newly designed bicycle track which aims at play based learning, not only helps develop gross motor skill but also promotes the awareness of traffic rules and road safety, with loads of fun filled creative activities. Moreover, the school has huge and safe play areas for boys and girls.


Students are provided with four indoor swimming pools, one each for senior boys and girls and two for junior students. Regular swimming classes for students are held in separate pools.


The school possesses a well-equipped infirmary with qualified nurses and a full time doctor. Routine health check-ups of children are held and records are properly maintained. In case of special attention, parents are informed.


Our school has a distinct cafeteria for boys and girls offering nutritious and healthy snacks. The canteen serves snacks and juices at fixed prices on cash payment.


The school store provides all the textbooks, notebooks, assignment books, stationery and school uniforms at reasonable rates. Parents are advised to purchase these articles from the school bookstore to ensure uniformity and quality.


The school provides bus facilities for commuting students to and from school. Parents should consult the transport in charge for necessary details related to routes and bus stops.



The school premises are strictly and closely monitored by the security in-charges. School gates remain closed during the school hours. The one main entrance remains open during the daytime for better monitoring. Visitors are permitted to enter the school with the visitor’s card issued at the main gate. School dispersal is carefully monitored as per the fixed action plan. CCTV has been installed in designated areas for constant surveillance. Students are strictly instructed to wear the school RFID card from the time they board the bus until they disembark from the bus.


A comprehensive and user friendly school information management software enables communication between the school teacher- parents and students. Parents have access to the school website www.dpsajman.com, where each parent is provided with a login user Id (Reg. No of the student) and a password (Date of birth e.g. ddmmyyyy) to facilitate them to view the newsletters, school events, circulars, worksheets and their ward’s academic information.

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