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School Clinic

The school possesses a well-equipped infirmary with qualified nurses and a full time doctor.
Routine health check-ups of children are held and records are properly maintained.
In case of special attention, parents are informed. A personal file is regularly updated for each student where all scheduled vaccinations, annual check-ups (height, weight, BMI, BMI percentile, etc.)
and any other visits to the school clinics are recorded. As part of our policy to promote a “Healthy Lifestyle” we also conduct various screening campaigns during the school year (i.e. eye tests, dental check-ups).
Parents will be notified in advance about any forthcoming screening that their child may be involved in. Parents are required to provide the school with updated vaccination records (original immunization record) for their child/children.
A notification will be sent to parents prior to the actual date of vaccination. Parents will be asked to sign a consent form and return it to the clinic within the due date.
Should the parents choose not to have their child/children vaccinated at the school, they are required to fill the refusal form of vaccination in the school and provide an up-to-date copy of their child/children vaccination records and inform the school if a child receives any vaccinations outside the school.

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