“Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

Jim Rohn



We, at DPSA ensure the psychological, physiological and social wellbeing of all students in the school as a part of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding. That means, we confirm that every student of DPSA is happy, healthy and safe and will be able to achieve their life’s potential. A healthy student engages in activities that are productive, has fulfilling relationships with others and are able to adapt to change and cope with adversities. In order to achieve this goal, DPSA develops each student psychologically, emotionally and intellectually. Easy access to pastoral care service, support and safety are the first steps to physical and psychological safety provided at DPSA. Pastoral care and Safeguarding are one of the most important areas that we focus for the wellbeing of all our students, due to which, we take it as a holistic approach involving parents, teachers and all the stakeholders of DPSA.

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