School Rules and Regulations


The school discipline system is based on the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education.. It endeavours to be consistent and fair and is underpinned by the principles of natural justice. For the school community to operate as a safe learning environment where all strive for personal excellence, it is important that clear boundaries are established.
It is expected from each and every Dipsite that they maintain a very cordial relation with the teaching/non teaching/housekeeping/transport staff of the school. In no case should they get into arguments with the staff. In case of complaints they must approach the Principal.
The school reserves the right to terminate the continuance of students with unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad example for others.

Leave Rules

The students will be awarded for 100% attendance at the end of session.
All leave taken must be recorded in the school (Almanac) log book and duly signed by the teacher.
No leave except for illness will be granted unless applied in the given format in advance.
In case of medical leave, certificate from the concerned doctor must be produced on the day of re-joining. A copy of the same should be submitted in the school clinic for follow up.
Students in need of medical attention during school hours are sent to the clinic with a note in the diary by the teacher.
If the child is absent from school for more than 3 days duly filled leave form with principal's sanction has to be submitted to the school authorities.

Absenteeism during Tests/ Exams

It's mandatory for the students to write all the tests and exams.
Students will not be given retest in case of absence during test/Exam.

Striking Off

If a child remains absent for a period of 30 continuous days without prior permission of the school authorities, the name will be struck off the school rolls.


Withdrawal notice has to be submitted to the school authorities.
Completed withdrawal form along with fee towards the transfer certificate has to be submitted to the school office after the letter of intent.
The parents have to wait for minimum 15days for TC.
Students are expected to maintain the decorum of the school.
Students must be well- behaved and disciplined to create a pleasant, creative and supportive atmosphere.

Meeting with Teachers

Parents can meet teachers only during recess and with prior appointment. Appointments can be fixed by communicating with the concerned supervisor/heads.


Students should be dressed neatly.
It's mandatory to wear school uniform on all the working days including the child's birthday.
Sports uniform should be worn only on Thursdays.
During winter, students must wear the school blazer.
Jewellery, accessories etc. are not allowed.
Office bearers must wear their respective badges daily.


Every student must carry his almanac (log book) to school every day.

ID card

It is mandatory to wear ID card to school every day.
Parents will be notified if a child found without I.D Card.


No school furniture must be damaged.
Students are not allowed to stick or draw on the walls.
Damage done even by accident should be reported to the class teacher.
Students must show respect to others belongings too.
Students must compensate for the damages done deliberately.
Littering the classroom, corridor etc. is strictly prohibited.
All school properties must be taken care of.
Students should not scratch or spoil desks.


Students must be well disciplined while in the library.
Students can avail books only with the permission of librarian.
Students will be issued one book per week.
Books damaged or lost will be replaced or paid for by the borrower.
Students must return the books along with the book review.
No personal books or other belongings can be allowed in the library.

Transport Rules

Students are expected to reach the bus stop on time. Buses will not wait for late comers.
Students should board the bus in a queue and take their seats immediately.
Students will be dropped and picked up only from the designated stops.
In case of change in pickup, a written permission must be taken from the transport in charge well in advance.
Students should not move around in the moving bus.
Parents are not allowed to enter or travel in the school bus.
Courteous behaviour is expected at all times.
Discarding trash in the bus or throwing out of the bus is strictly prohibited.
Students will be responsible for any damage caused to the bus by negligence or vandalism.
The bus teachers are responsible for maintaining discipline in the busses.
Any serious offence in the bus will be reported to transport in charge and then to principal.
Discontinuation of using transport facility must be informed to the transport in charge well in advance.

Own Transport

Students who travel in their own transport must be picked up from school by 2:00 pm.
Students are not allowed to leave the school before the attendant arrives.
The parents will be called in case of delay in picking up the child.

Other Rules

Bringing mobile phones, cameras, expensive pens, pencils, pencil box, etc., to school is strictly forbidden. Once confiscated these items will not be returned. The school is not responsible for goods lost. Bringing valuables to school is not advisable.
Girls with long hair should plait their hair and ones with short hair should tie it neatly with hair bands, both inside the campus as well as when they go out to represent the school. Boys hair should be trimmed.
Mobile phones or other gadgets are strictly prohibited.
Parents & guardians are not allowed to visit their children in the class rooms.
Lending & borrowing money and other articles are not allowed.
Late comers and uniform defaulters will be sent warning letters.

Gate Pass Issues

In case of an emergency, students can leave the school campus early during the school hours for which, (refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the school almanac)
A written request should be submitted by the parents.
The gate pass register should be signed.
Gate pass should be collected from the reception and returned at the school gate before leaving the campus.
When you send an authorized person with a letter to collect your child, please mention the name, class, sec & admission number correctly.
NO GATE PASS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER 1.00 PM FOR CLASSES: I-VII FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Parents can collect their ward only at home time .

For Parents


Parents are advised to maintain a close contact with the school so as to get the best for their children from the school.
Meeting with the principal is arranged only with prior appointment.
Parents may meet the teachers with the consent of concerned supervisor.
Mention the child's full name with register number in any of the written communications.

Almanac (Log Book)

A through reading of the content of the almanac is advisable.
Ensure that all the school rules are adhered to and your children are made to understand this.
Check the log book every day to get updated with the lessons and homework assigned for the day.
Remarks put down in the log book should be signed and countersigned regularly.


Please ensure that your child comes to school in correct uniform and is neatly dressed at all times.

Suggestion for Parents

Parents are requested to encourage the students communicate in English at home since the medium of instruction at school in English.
The system of sending sweets / gifts from children to teachers for birthdays / celebration is not appreciated. Non-compliance of this will be viewed seriously.
Make sure that students should come in proper uniform on his / her birthdays too.
Students are not allowed to leave the school premises before time without prior permission of the school authority. In order to ensure better discipline parents are requested not to make any social engagements or medical appointments during school hours.
Kindly report to the concerned supervisors in case of any infectious disease at your home and please do not send your children to school until infection period gets over.
Please ensure that your child wears the ID card to school every day.
No trolley bag is allowed in the school.
Students can store their books in the well-equipped class rooms in order to avoid heavy school bags.
Please ensure that your ward carry only the required books as per the time table.
School provides various interesting reading programs for the children to instil a good reading habit in them. Parents are requested to encourage the same.

MOE Policy

MOE Policy