Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which curriculum does DPSA follow?
-  The schools follows Indian Curriculum, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
2.  What are the grades offered at school?
-  The school caters for children from KG to Grade 11.
3. What is the age criteria for admission for the new academic year 2021-2022



Date of Birth between

KG 01



( 4 to 5 years )

KG 02



( 5 to 6 years )




( 6 to 8 years )

  • Grade 2 and above admission depends on transfer certificate for those who are coming from same curriculum.
  • For those students who are transferring from other curricula, they will have to bring transfer certificate. Admission will be as per the MOE and CBSE guidelines (based on TC, age criteria and curriculum).

4. What are the school timings for students?
The school timings are:
KG1 & KG2 - 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Gr-1 to Gr-XI - 7:30 a.m. to 01:30 p.m.

5. What is the school Fee Structure?
Click here to see the fee structure

6. What kind of facilities does the school provide?
The school provides the following facilities:

  • Interactive learning facilities
  • 100% smart classes
  • Enriched Library
  • Robotic labs
  • State of the art labs
  • Four swimming pools
  • Indoor play area
  • Multi purposes auditorium
  • Professional sports field
  • KG Play Area with thematic wall paintings

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7. What are the documents required for admission?
The following are the documents required for the purpose of admission:

  • Passport & Visa copy of the child with Parent’s details page
  • 4 Photographs
  • Birth Certificate copy
  • Emirates ID card copy
  • Vaccination card copy
  • Attested Original Transfer Certificate (From grade 2 onwards.)
  • Original report card (final exam mark sheet)

(There could be a slight variation for admissions to grades 9-12)

 8. What kind of attestation is required on TC or Leaving Certificate?
Transfer Certificate with school seal & duly signed by the school Principal should have the following attestation:

  • Transferring from India and other Nations
  • Ministry of Education from Concerned Nation
  • U.A.E. Embassy/ Consulate from Concerned Nation
  • U.A.E Foreign Affairs, Ajman/Sharjah/Dubai
  • Transferring from G.C.C. Countries other than U.A.E.
  • Ministry of Education from Concerned Nation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Concerned Nation
  • U.A.E. Embassy/ Consulate from Concerned Nation


  • Transferring from U.A.E.
  • Ministry of Education from the Concerned Emirates
  • If coming from a different curriculum other than Indian or Asian- attested Leaving Certificate is required.

     9. What are the options available for second languages?

  • Hindi
  • French
  • Urdu
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil

10. Is Arabic mandatory?
-       Yes, from grade 1 onwards. (Those who are new to Arabic language, the school will provide 3    months’ beginners programme.)
11. Which are the other compulsory subjects as per government norms?
UAE social studies, Moral education and Islamic studies for Muslim students.
12. When will academic year 2021-2022 start?
-Tentative date for beginning of session is April 11, 2021. Exact date will be intimated by SMS.
      13. How to proceed for the admission?
Online admission
Step1: Online Registration by parents through school website
Step 2: Online assessment by the school
Step 3: School Registration by school admission team after clearing the pre-admission test. (Admission team will call back with payment details)
Step 4: Payment through the school website
Direct admission
Step 1: Online Registration by parents through school website
Step 2: Assessment by the school
Step 3: Submission of duly filled Application forms.
Step 4: School Registration.
Step 5: Payment at cash counter.
(Final confirmation of all admissions is subject to approval from MOE and on submission of original Emirates ID of the student and parents.)
14. Can we take admission if our ward is not in UAE.
Yes, you can reserve the seat if children are not in UAE
        15. Till when admissions are open?
As per the availability of the seats and MOE regulations.

  •   What are the acceptable modes of payment?
  • Online payment

For Online payment please visit
Details are as follows:
Step1:                 Login to
User Name:    Student Registration Number
Password:      Date of birth (ddmmyyyy)
Step2:                 Select Online Fee payment option
Step3:                 Enter the card Details
Step4:                 Make payment

  • Cash/Card payment at school cash counter.

17. Is there any syllabus available for the pre-admission?
Yes, once you register online, you can access the syllabus. There will be assessment for English, Science & Maths (for Grades 1-10). Kindergarten & Grade 11 admission is based on the interaction.
       18. Is DPSA a co-ed. School or there is gender-wise segregation?
The classes are co-educational from KG to Grade 4. When the students enter grade 5, they are segregated based on gender and have separate sections in the school premises.
19. What are the extra-Curricular activities available in school?

The school has wide range of sports and co-curricular activities.

In sports, we offer swimming, karate, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, cricket & chess. The school also offers performing arts, visual arts, STEAM, MUN, theatre, dramatics, quizzing, environment club, maths club & reader’s club as co-curricular activities.

20. Does the school participate in inter school activities?
Yes, we actively participate in various inter school events.
21. Is there any discount for sibling on tuition fee?
Yes, discount is available on tuition fees from third child onwards

22. What is the school’s refund policy?
Refund is possible on cancellation of admissions till 15th March 2021.
(Terms and conditions apply)
23. What is the office timing?
Office timings are:
7:30 am to 4:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday)
8:00 am to 1:00 pm (Saturday)
24. Where is the school located?
Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Road
Al Tallah 2, Ajman, U.A.E
phone :06-747 1111
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25. Does school provide option for monthly payment of fee?
Yes, the monthly payment option is available


1.     Transportation fees

 (Can be paid in 10 monthly instalments) 
 AJMAN                  2500
 SHARJAH             3000
 DUBAI [Selected Areas]  3500

2.     Is one side transport available?
Not available.
3.     What is the procedure for changing transportation location?
To be confirm with transport department and it is possible if the new location is within the transport network of the school and subject to availability of seats.
4.     Is it possible to cancel the transportation?
Yes, it is possible with 15 days’ advance notice. Transportation cannot be discontinued in the middle of a month and for the month of December and March.
5.     If a child joins in between a month, how is the fees calculated?
Fees will be calculated monthly. For e.g.: - If the child opted for transport between the month, they are liable to pay for the full month.
6.     Are there cameras in the bus?
Yes, Surveillance cameras.
7.     Is the bus disinfected and sanitised daily?
Yes, they are disinfected after every commute
8.     Is the temperature checked?
Yes, Temperature is checked every time a child/staff enters the bus
9.     Are the bus Supervisors/Drivers trained?
Yes, all our Drivers / Supervisors are trained


  • Is books and uniforms available in school?

Yes (Not mandatory). KG 1 & KG 2 books and stationery for the whole year included in the package

  • Timing of the books store?

Timing of the books store is from
08.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (Sunday to Thursday)
08.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. (Saturday)

  • Can we purchase single set of uniforms?

Yes, you may purchase single set of uniform, except for new admissions.

  • Can we purchase notebooks separately without text books and vice versa?

Yes, you can. But not at the beginning of the new academic year.

  • Can I exchange uniform/books?

Yes, Exchange is allowed within 7 days of purchase with good condition and original receipt except during pandemic conditions.

  • Can I return the purchased goods?

Generally, not allowed to return.

  • Can I pay uniforms/books online?

Yes, you can make payment through Skiply app.

  • Whether courier delivery is possible for uniforms/books?

Yes, on request.