Transport Rules

  • Students are expected to reach the bus stop on time. Buses will not wait for late comers.
  • Students should board the bus in a queue and take their seats immediately.
  • Students will be dropped and picked up only from the designated stops.
  • In case of change in pickup, a written permission must be taken from the transport in charge well in advance.
  • Students should not move around in the moving bus.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter or travel in the school bus.
  • Courteous behaviour is expected at all times.Courteous behavior is expected at all times.
  • Discarding trash in the bus or throwing out of the bus is strictly prohibited.
  • Students will be responsible for any damage caused to the bus by negligence or vandalism.
  • The bus teachers are responsible for maintaining discipline in the busses.
  • Any serious offence in the bus will be reported to transport in charge and then to principal.
  • Discontinuation of using transport facility must be informed to the transport in charge well in advance.

Own Transport

  • Students who travel in their own transport must be picked up from school by 2:00 pm.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school before the attendant arrives.
  • The parents will be called in case of delay in picking up the child.