School Rules and Regulations

Leave Rules

  • All leave taken must be recorded in the school (Almanac) log book and duly signed by the teacher.
  • No leave except for illness will be granted unless applied in the given format in advance.
  • In case of medical leave, certificate from the concerned doctor must be produced on the day of rejoining. A copy of the same should be submitted in the school clinic for follow up.
  • Students in need of medical attention during school hours are sent to the clinic with a permission slip by the teacher.
  • If the child is absent from school for more than 3 days duly filled leave form with principal's sanction has to be submitted to the school authorities.
  • One month's written notice of intention of withdrawal is to be submitted to the school authorities.

Absenteeism during Weekly Test

  • Students will not be given retest in case of absence during test.


  • Withdrawal notice has to be submitted to the school authorities.
  • Completed withdrawal form along with fee towards the transfer certificate has to be submitted to the school office after the letter of intent.

Striking Off

  • If a child remains absent for a period of 30 continuous days without prior permission of the school authorities, the name will be struck off the school rolls.

Discipline And Behavior

  • Students are expected to maintain the decorum of the school.
  • Students must be well- behaved and disciplined to create a pleasant, creative and supportive atmosphere.


  • Every student must carry his almanac (log book) to school every day.

ID card

  • It is mandatory to wear ID card to school every day.

Meeting with Teachers

  • Parents can meet teachers only during recess and with prior appointment. Appointments can be fixed by communicating with the concerned supervisor.


  • Students should be dressed neatly.
  • It's mandatory to wear school uniform on all the working days including the child's birthday.
  • Sports uniform should be worn only on Thursdays.
  • During winter, students must wear the school blazer.
  • Jewellery, accessories etc. are not allowed.
  • Office bearers must wear their respective badges daily.


  • Littering the classroom, corridor etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • All school properties must be taken care of.
  • Students should not scratch or spoil desks.
  • No school furniture must be damaged.
  • Students are not allowed to stick or draw on the walls.
  • Damage done even by accident should be reported to the class teacher.
  • Students must show respect to others belongings too.
  • Students must compensate for the damages done deliberately.


  • Students must be well disciplined while in the library.
  • Students can avail books only with the permission of librarian.
  • Students will be issued one book per week.
  • Books damaged or lost will be replaced or paid for by the borrower.
  • Students must return the books along with the book review.
  • No personal books or other belongings can be allowed in the library.

Other Rules

  • The school is not responsible for goods lost. Bringing valuables to school is not advisable.
  • Mobile phones or other gadgets are strictly prohibited.
  • Parents & guardians are not allowed to visit their children in the class rooms.
  • Lending & borrowing money and other articles are not allowed.
  • Late comers and uniform defaulters will be sent warning letters.